How to place new order ?

<p>In The Field Category, Select The Type Of Category from the Drop-Down List.In The Field Service, Select the type of services from the Drop-Down List.The Field Link, Fill the link to the page in the format. In The Field Quantity, Fill the needed quantity of Likes / Followers (1k is Written as 1000).</p>

What is Partially Completed Status?

<p><span>If status Partially completed it means system cant give more Likes / Followers to current page and money automatically refunded for remains Likes / Followers.</span></p>

What is Mass Order?

<p>Mass order is used for when you want to enter several orders for different links at the same time, to do this, you should enter orders in this format:</p> <p>Service ID | URL | Quantity</p> <p>For example, Instagram Followers English has the service ID - 30</p> <p>30| user1 |1000</p> <p><span>30| user2 |5000</span></p> <p></p> <p>30| user3 |3000</p> <p>The service IDs can be found here -</p>

I Entered The Wrong Username or Wish To Cancel an Order After Entry?

<p><span>If the username/link is valid then the order cannot be stopped; however, if the link is invalid(for example a Youtube link in an Instagram service) then we can cancel and refund.</span></p>

I need More help ?

<p><span>Please open a new ticket and our team will answer you during 24 hours.</span></p>